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Philosophy, art room space, expectations & consequences, organization


Early Childhood Education Visual Arts Program

A comprehensive visual arts program that envelops the child in different experiences, expressions, and ideas of art.  

A public program that looks for students to begin their explorative journey in the visual arts department.


The philosophy for this program is to develop and enhance a child's vision in art. The Visual Arts Program provides mental and social-emotional growth of the students along with creativity and critical thinking.  Art is an experience and this program empowers, educates, and elevates the student's self-esteem.


My Art Classroom consists of the following:

  • Clear display of Expectations and Consequences in the classroom. 

  • Displaying Elements and Principles of Art and Design

  • Clear labeling in English and two or more secondary languages phonetically 

  • Artist of the Month Section: Displaying a variety of artists and their work.

  • Student organizational labels



The Visual Arts Curriculum will be focussing on art techniques, art history, elements, and principles of art and design, art themes, and styles. It will focus on developing a strong foundation in visual arts that will help flourish artists in their unique styles.


The Visual Arts Department will have Visual Art Teachers and Teaching Assistants.

Visual Arts Educator 

Job Description:

  • Constructing a Visual Arts Curriculum 

  • Unit Plans

  • Weekly Lesson Plans

  • Meetings with Teaching Assistant

  • Delegating tasks to the Teaching Assistant

  • Be reflective listeners and accurate assessors

  • Set and help students achieve high goals

  • Bring enthusiasm to the classroom

  • Teach students to use the creative process and problem-solving skills

Teaching Assistant

  • Art Newsletter Graphic Design

  • Material Prep for classrooms

  • Printing and Organizing of materials 

  • Filling in paint bottles

  • Labeling materials in English with two or more secondary languages phonetically 

  • Be a positive mentor in the classroom for students

  • Provide differentiated art classroom experience


The Visual Art Department will email a monthly Art Newsletter to the family and community in addition to artist superstars of the month showcasing outstanding and imaginative pieces of work. The artwork of the students will be celebrated once a year, during the End of the Year Art Show. The community will be invited to the gallery showcasing the student work and encourage young artists to continue their passion and dedication to expressing themselves through visual arts.

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