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Meet Ms. Dash, an Early Years & Elementary Art Teacher who's deeply passionate about art. With a cultural background embracing India and Thailand, she enjoys the privilege of doing what she loves every day - creating and teaching art!

In her art classroom, Ms. Dash focuses on art history, exploration, and the use of various materials and techniques. She firmly believes in exposing students to diverse artistic mediums to expand their horizons and encourage independent exploration and appreciation of art. Discover her art lessons on YouTube and get daily insights on her Instagram.

With roots in the vibrant cultures of Thailand and India, Dash initially embarked on her career as an Interior Designer at a prestigious architecture firm in India, where she honed her skills and built an impressive portfolio. Her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago underpins her expertise in a range of interdisciplinary art forms, complemented by her minor in Art History, which enhances her ability to provide students with a comprehensive education in the world of visual arts.


Step into my art classroom, where the fun of learning knows no bounds. Here, we dive into the world of art history, embark on exploratory adventures, and unravel the mysteries of new materials, concepts, and techniques. I firmly believe that introducing students to a rich tapestry of artistic mediums opens their minds to a world of endless possibilities. It's about fostering independent investigation and nurturing a deep love for all things art.



Let's add a splash of excitement to your creative journey with my "Creative Hosting" sessions. I host vibrant paint and sip gatherings for adults, designed to rekindle your artistic spirit and keep you firmly grounded in the present moment. These sessions are more than just paint on canvas; they're an introduction to techniques and skills that you can carry with you. My hope? To inspire you to create your own masterpieces independently.


When I'm not teaching or hosting, you'll find me lost in my own artistic universe. Fun fact: I recently discovered that I have ADHD. It's been a learning curve, but I've grown to be kinder to myself along the way. My art is a reflection of this ever-evolving process. I work with various mediums that match my mood and concept, allowing my ideas to lead the way. My art captures moments, delves into personal journeys, and serves as a guiding light of shared experiences. Through my creations, I aim to help others feel less alone in their own life journeys.

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