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Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Texture

Principles of Design: Proportion

Book Integration: 'Lines That Wiggle' by Candace Whitman

We explored the book 'Lines That Wiggle,' tracing a line's journey as it transformed into various types and objects. Students identified different types of lines and created them using a dice game.

Additionally, we delved into the Element of Art: Color, focusing on the rainbow order and proper watercolor techniques. Students applied this knowledge to paint their previously drawn line artwork in rainbow colors.

Furthermore, students received a vital lesson in scissor and glue etiquette, learning proper cutting techniques, scissor handling, safe classroom scissor behavior, and correct glue usage.

Original Lesson Credit: Cassie Stephens

Woven Fish

Elements of Art: Texture

Skill: Weaving

1st Grade Artists learned about Weaving. Weaving is when an artwork of paper, thread, yarn, or other fibers is laced or woven together.

The artists created paper looms and wove painted paper that they turned into fish. They are very excited to see their woven fish come to life. Some artists made their fish terrifying, and others adorable.

Conga Drums

Elements of Art: Shape

We read "Drum Dream Girl" by Margarita Engle, a book read in Music Class where the artists learned about Cuban music, culture, and instruments.

The artists made drums using tempera paint, oil pastels, and scissors, using an unconventional art material: parchmentpaper. They used a new technique called a whip stitch to weave the yarn through their artwork to resemble a conga drum.

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